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Transcription factor: ArpA

Gene ID SGR_3731 (link to Genome Viewer)
Factor type TetR family
Pfam PF00165 (Bacterial regulatory helix-turn-helix proteins, AraC family ) PF00440 (Bacterial regulatory proteins, tetR family )
Consensus seq. 5'-GG(T/C)CGGT(A/T)(T/C)G(T/G)-3'
Comment A-factor (2-isocapryloyl-3R-hydroxymethyl-gamma-butyrolacetone) at an extremely low concentration triggers streptomycin production and aerial mycelium formation by binding a repressor, ArpA, and dissociating it from the DNA.

Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Absolute position Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
adpA None Negative 5574096..5574145 -40:+10 CGCCCACCAGGCAGGAACGGACCGCGCGGTACGCTTTCACCCGACGCGGA Ohnishi Y, et al. (1999): GS, HM


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