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Transcription factor: AfsR-sv

GenBank ID 148728352
Factor type ND
Pfam PF03704 (Bacterial transcriptional activator domain )
Consensus seq. ND
Comment RT-PCR analysis was carried out to assess the expression levels of two representative genes: the ketosynthase (KS) gene and pikD. RT-PCR assays demonstrated that afsR-sv functions as a positive regulator and is involved in the regulation of pikromycin biosynthesis in S. venezuelae. Overexpression of afsR-sv in S. venezuelae seemed to activate the transcription of ketosynthase and a pathway-specific regulator, both resulting in the overproduction of pikromycin.

Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence Organism
pikD None Positive ND ND Maharjan S, et al. (2009): OV, RT-PCR
S. venezuelae
pikAI None Positive ND ND Maharjan S, et al. (2009): OV, RT-PCR
Maharjan S, et al. (2008): -
S. venezuelae


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