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Transcription factor: PhoP

GenBank ID no data
Factor type OmpR family
Pfam None
Consensus seq. ND
Comment Two-component system of PhoR (membrane-bound sensor protein) and PhoP. Both phoP and phoRP deletion mutants were unable to synthesize ectracellular alkaline phosphatase (AP).
Orthologous link S. coelicolor

Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence Organism
ppk None Positive ND ND Ghorbel S, et al. (2006): GS, Western blot
S. lividans
phoA None Positive ND ND Sola-Landa A, et al. (2003): Western blot
S. lividans
pstS None Positive ND ND Diaz M, et al. (2005): DB
S. lividans


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