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Transcription factor: Brp

GenBank ID no data
Factor type ND
Pfam None
Consensus seq. ND
Comment A brp gene, encoding a butyrolactone receptor protein, was cloned from S. clavuligerus. Sixty-one nucleotides upstream of brp another ARE sequence (ARE(brp)) was found, suggesting that Brp autoregulates its expression. Pure recombinant rBrp protein binds specifically to the ARE sequences present upstream of ccaR and brp.

Regulated Gene Sigma Regulation Location Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence Organism
ccaR None Negative -840:-815 GGAAAAACGTACCCCGGGGTCGGTTT Santamarta I, et al. (2005): HM, DP, GS
S. clavuligerus
brp None Negative -86:-61 (from translational start site) TGTCATTCAGACCCTTCGGTTTCTTT Santamarta I, et al. (2005): HM, DP, GS
S. clavuligerus


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