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Regulated gene: strR

Operons: strR-ahpD

Genes Gene ID Synonyms Direction Genome position Function
strR SGR_5931
+ 6939694..6940746 streptomycin biosynthesis operon regulator
ahpD SGR_5932 aphD, ahpD, aphD, strA + 6940981..6941904 streptomycin 6-phosphotransferase

Operon evidence: Northern blot analysis (2.8 kb and 2.4 kb for strR-ahpD operon, 1.4 kb for strR monocistron)
Reference: Distler J, et al. (1987)
Comments: Promoter aphD-P1 seemed to be the preferred to express in the logarithmic growth phase. Readthrough terminator may exist behind strR.


Regulation Location Absolute position Binding seq.(cis-element) Experimental evidence
AdpA strR-siteA Positive -72:-19 6939566..6939620 CGAGGTCGCTTTTCGGTCATGCGGACAGCTTTACTTGGCCGTTGCCCGGATGTCC Ohnishi Y, et al. (1999): S1, DB
Yamazaki H, et al. (2000): GS
Tomono A, et al. (2005): GS,DB,FT
AdpA strR-siteB Positive -291:-250 6939348..6939389 TTATCGAAGAGAATCAGCCGCCGTGGCGCGATCCTGTGCATC Ohnishi Y, et al. (1999): S1, DB
Yamazaki H, et al. (2000): GS
Tomono A, et al. (2005): GS,DB,FT
Unknown_sigma - Promoter -50:+10 6939589..6939648 GACAGCTTTACTTGGCCGTTGCCCGGATGTCCGGGTGCTACTATTCGCGAAGTGCGAAAG Tomono A, et al. (2005): S1
AtrA-g - Positive -142:-117 6939497..6939522 TGGCTGGAGGGGGCCGTTCCGGTCCT Hirano S, et al. (2008): GS, DB, FT
Unknown_sigma ahpD-P1 Promoter -50:+10 6939589..6939648 GACAGCTTTACTTGGCCGTTGCCCGGATGTCCGGGTGCTACTATTCGCGAAGTGCGAAAG Distler J, et al. (1987): S1
Vujaklija D, et al. (1995): S1
StrR - Positive ND ND ND Tomono A, et al. (2005): DB

AtrA-g AtrA-g-disrupted strain produced smaller ammount of streptomycin than the wilde type in S. griseus.
Unknown_sigma Vujaklija D, et al. showed that A-factor directly binds between -430 to -330 bp upstream from the transcription start point of the strR gene.
StrR This gene expresses less in the strR-disrupted strain. (Direct or indirect regulation is not clear.)


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